Sponsored Research



Title Of the project Amount sanctioned Funding agency Month and year of sanction Status of project as on CAY Name of the principal/Co principal investigator
1 Thermo Acoustic refrigeration  system $3950 ASHARE 04.05. 2017 In Progress Dr.Kapilan N
2 Development and evaluation of solar hybrid adsorption cooling system for rural applications as a demonstration unit $3100 ASHARE 01.08. 2017 In Progress Dr.Kapilan N
3 Experimental study  on the corrosion behaviour of  marine gas turbine alloy using C263 for high temperature sulfidation 975000 GTRE 01.12.2016 Completed Dr.K Kumar

Dr.Kapilan N

Development Activities

  1. Product Development.
  2. Research laboratories
  3. Instructional materials
  4. Working models /charts.
  1. Product Development




Type of product developed Funding Agency


Faculty & student’s involved




Development and testing of multipurpose wheel chair Self Dr.Kapilan N & Abhishek N, Anju Kumar, Pradeep V and Nagaraj Madar Parasapa
2 Development and testing of Paddle operated washing machine Self Mr. Chethan Kumar N & Venu C V, Vikas V, Suhas B N and Umesh P H
3 Development and analysis of quad copter Self Mr. Prabhakar C.G & Likith Raj, Gowtham reddy, Punith Kumar S and S N Roopesh



Power scooter for handicapped person Self Mr. Adarsh Reddy & Rathan Rao S, Suraj R, Avinash Varma and Rajath B N


Multipurpose agricultural vehicle


Self Mr. Prabhakar C G & Rajesh N, Pradeep Reddy, Thirumalesh L and Prasad
6 Parallel Parking vehicle Self Mr. Mohan Kumar & Anikethan J, Chandrashekar, Karthik N and Manoj P

 Research Laboratories



Details Of Research Facility /Equipment / Instrument


Funding Agency


Approximate  cost of Facility / Equipment/ Instrument (Rs.) User of the facility


Utilization Factor


1 High Temperature corrosion setup DRDO, GATET 5,50,000  


Research Scholar and students

2 Stress Corrosion Cracking setup DRDO, GATET 1,75,000 50%
3 Refrigeration system VGST 95,000 75%
4 Biodiesel plant VTU 1,00,000 75%


Instructional Materials



Nature of Instructional material User of the material


Prepared by Utilization Factor
1 Lecture Notes Students Mechanical Engineering 75-100%
2 Lab Manuals Students Mechanical Engineering 75-100%
3 Question Bank Students Mechanical Engineering 60%
5 Journals Faculty/students/research scholar Research scholar 50%


Working Models / Charts



Name of the Model / Chart
1 IC Engine Cut section (2-s & 4-s)
2 CAED Models
3 Pneumatic and hydraulic kit
4 Robotic kits